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Due to the nature of the intangibles and a services based sale we offer no refunds. Refunds are neither expressed nor implied. By placing an order from USA Database Online, or opening any document downloaded from our website, you declare full understanding of all terms set in this document, and waive all rights to dispute or challenge them.


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If you incorporate the above policies into your everyday routine you will meet all federal guidelines. Do not forget that there are different countries with different laws and although their laws are similar to the federal, we do suggest reading them all as they do affect you.


If you are planning to send an email marketing campaign, we recommend you verify and clean the email lists first before sending your campaigns to avoid bounce rates. We won't be responsible if you get bounce rates because you did not clean the emails lists.

Spam is the sending of unsolicited commercial email while incorporating means of hiding your identity which is illegal. You are required to use a valid return email address, offer a valid means of removal from your mailings and fulfil those remove requests within 5 days of the request. Furthermore, you must also male no attempts to fake or remove the header in your emails.